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Write or Flight DEPARTURES


An experiment in how your environment affects your writing.


Isolated. Haunted. Creepy. Uneasy. Frightening.


At ten pm on Friday, February 12th

Four brave playwrights will be taken to disturbing locations

to write and hone a one-act play.


How did it affect the writing?




Write or Flight ARRIVALS


At 8pm on Saturday, February 13th


1-283 Northfield Dr. Waterloo (near Bridge)


The playwrights will return, scripts in hands.

The plays will be read, the directors assigned and the plays will be cast.

This gives us a minimum of 11 days to get these plays stage-ready.


Each night of UnHinged, one play will be presented, along with the main-stage play, with a talk back to follow.


Write or Flight RESPONSE


Saturday February 27th 2pm – 4:30 pm

KW Little Theatre – 9 Princess St. Waterloo


Plays will be announced when they’ve been written.










BRYAN BOODHOO is a playwright, actor, director and producer.  His plays have been produced in Toronto, Edmonton, Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo.  His upcoming show, ‘JT’, will be part of the HamilTEN Festival at the Staircase Theatre in April.  His longer play, ‘perpetual sunshine machine’, will be part of the Hamilton Fringe Festival this summer.  He has participated in Write or Flight since its inception.


Bryan’s play will be performed on Friday February 26th at 9pm.

Also during Write or Flight RESPONSE.













DOYLE has been acting for over 30 years. She has been writing plays for 7 years. This year so far, her first play Carl, Suzanne and the Taximan, had it's long awaited premiere at the Bread and Circus Theatre. The week after that closed A Family Well Knit had it's Premiere at Sweets and Treats, Bloor West Village Playhouse and across town the Cabbage Town Players premiered Another Date at No Sweetheart Required.  Rosemary is delighted to have her Play Mary's Pie get it's first reading here at She Speaks '11.  And Later in March Rosemary's play From Here to there and Back again" Will be debuting at the New Idea's Festival. Currently Rosemary is writing a musical with Sandy Thorburn, which was work shopped at the Thousand Islands Playhouse and she is reworking Jenny's Friends, a dark comedy about sin. A collection of her works is available at Theatre Books.  Rosemary’s play, MARY’S PIES, was part of Flush Ink Productions’ She Speaks ’10, and she read MASCARA IS NOT A TOOL OF THE PATRIARCHY by Jennifer Cornish.


Rosemary’s play will be performed on Friday February 26th at 9pm.

Also during Write or Flight RESPONSE.





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PADDY GILLARD-BENTLEY - playwright, director, producer & poet has had over 70 of her plays produced in USA, Canada, England & Ireland.  Most often produced; Shaking the Dew from the Lilies, Bingo Wings and Quantum Entanglement.  PGB is the founder and Artistic Director of Flush Ink Productions, past President of The International Centre for Women Playwrights and the Chair of The Coalition of Performing Artists (COPA).  Paddy has also worked with MT Space, KW Youth Theatre & The Studio Players. Paddy’s play, A Rose Upon the Blood, is going to Ireland in the spring, and will be performed in several cities…and she cannot be more jazzed about that, because she’s going to be directing it over there.


Paddy’s play will be performed on Wednesday February 24th at 9pm.

Also during Write or Flight RESPONSE.








KATHARINE MILLS is an actor, designer, writer and visual artist. She has appeared in multiple roles in KW’s annual site-specific urban theatre production, Asphalt Jungle Shorts. She is a partner in local experimental theatre company What!sInThere?! Productions; she performed in their productions of Copy Protection and Children’s Crusade, and acted as facilitator and stage manager for their recent Fringe production of Psy Co.’s Cross. Other recent appearances include JM Drama’s Tales of the Grimm, and Galt Little Theatre’s Queen Milli of Galt and, A Clean Breast, in UnHinged 12.


Katharine’s play will be performed on Thursday February 25th at 9pm.

Also during Write or Flight RESPONSE.





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